The ARQ CaaS
A Connectivity-as-a-Service Solution for the Future

In an age when mobile phone users demand coverage of cellular service in all kinds of locations and do not want poor quality voice reception on their calls,carriers are looking for efficient indoor coverage solutions. This includes all major carriers in the US, namely ATT, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc. With ARQ’s turnkey and flexible CaaS solution, this problem has become a thing of the past.

How it Works

  • Icon representing subscribing to a service.

    Step 1

    Subscribe to the service

  • Icon representing solution installation.

    Step 2

    ARQ delivers the solution to your premises and designs, installs, operates, and manages it for you

  • Icon representing in-building wireless coverage.

    Step 3

    Get perfect cellular reception in your premises

Who It is For?

  • Virtually all kinds of premises where better cellular signal reception is needed
  • All building types, such as hi-rises, office suites and floors, hotels, shopping centers, etc.
  • Underground premises with limited signal penetration
  • Enclosed spaces with high network congestion

Why Go for ARQ CaaS?

ARQ CaaS combines best-in-class technology and project management with a tailored acquisition solution to meet client organizations’ budgetary, accounting and business needs, offering:

  • Highly competitive monthly service fees
  • Ability to optimize technology cycles
  • No more phantom calls while you are in your office
  • Ability to scale multiple DAS deployments
  • Acceleration of ROI