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Numerous factors such as modern building materials, underground environments, energy efficiency regulations and an ever-growing appetite for data bandwidth can affect wireless performance, resulting in slower data transfer, degraded voice call quality, and reduced battery lifespan.

Our Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solution alleviates these problems by extending the coverage and capacity of a wireless network beyond local cellular towers.


The mobile signal in specific areas of a building, or in outdoor regions, may be affected by structural or geographical factors, resulting in unreliable service or dead-zones where coverage is non-existent. Similarly, an existing DAS may not provide complete coverage due to the logistical challenges of installing the equipment in awkward areas.

Our small cell solution alleviates these problems by filling in the gaps in the coverage of local cell towers or other existing wireless network deployments, with a lower cost and faster installation.


Traditionally, enterprises have facilitated private networks via Wi-Fi, an approach that comes with its own set of challenges.

Our Citizens Broadband Radio Services (CBRS) solutions are a state-of-the-art way to meet our clients’ private network, cellular connectivity and coverage needs. It provides a host of benefits including improved connectivity, speed and bandwidth, increased security, seamless mobility and potentially enormous savings

Public Safety

When crisis strikes, public safety is paramount. Reliable wireless communications are essential in order for first responders to maintain contact. Every minute wasted on ineffective communication can result in more extensive damage to property, or even the loss of lives.

Our proven public safety solutions ensure reliable communication in times of emergency.

The ARQ CaaS: Connectivity-as-a-Service

With ARQ’s turnkey and flexible CaaS solution, we deliver our solutions to your premises - designing, installing, operating, and managing them for you. Get perfect cellular reception while meeting your budgetary, accounting and business needs.

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ARQ is a global RF Engineering and Installation Services company focused on delivering professional solutions to address today’s most daunting mobile wireless challenges facing service providers, neutral host providers and enterprise customers in a multitude of industries.

Possessing a comprehensive understanding of the technological advances of the wireless telecom marketplace and a specialized expertise in Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solutions, ARQ is recognized by clients and carriers worldwide for its ability to quickly and cost effectively design, deploy and manage technology-driven, high-value mobile wireless networks. Incorporating more than three decades of combined engineering and management experience as well on-site project expertise, ARQ solutions significantly improve wireless coverage while increasing connectivity reliability and capacity in any environment.

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